Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Thus begins my adventure with health, wellness and loving myself:
I am bored at work while trying to hide from my boss. A novel concept, to be sure. In the upper right corner of my computer screen the Gmail notifier pops up. I am hoping fervently that none of them is from my boss. LivingSocial? I like buying things online. Pole dancing classes? What? Wait, what? A long pause in my mental monologue ensues while I try to envision myself tottering about on six inch stilettos and climbing up a metal pole. Well, I have been looking to get in better shape, so why not? I’m a “dancer” (read: I’ve been taking ballet classes since I was eight years old and once upon a time harbored ideas about becoming a professional, before silly things like Harvard and medical school got in the way). Another lacuna in my stream of consciousness, then - why not? It sounds like fun, it's not too expensive, and best of all, I will be getting an awesome workout. Let’s go! A few clicks later, I had a voucher for 2 classes at New York Pole Dancing. Let’s see where the adventure takes us, shall we?

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  1. Vicky, I'm so proud of you! And so excited to read about your pole dancing adventures. Let me know when you master the STARFISH :)